You can't defeat us, just join us.

Neko, andrewryan69, blackrockjack, kawfeepot, Frogbob, Gyps, and the remnants of the army of superior beings are an inevitable force willing to bring change to this blog section. 

We do not wish to inflict physical harm onto others - we just want to bring drastic changes to the blog section. No more racist nonsense, in particular, as we have noticed the slew of old irate men and women spewing and regurgitating garbage. No more pretentious malarky, no more hypocrisy, no more lies ... we are legion, we are the strongest force ever to envelop this dying section. 

Take a look at the people who have attempted to belittle us: rednote, Tyaeda, GIJoe ... these scrubs have been EMOTIONALLY crushed by our mere presence. They have attempted to implore PepperPeanut and other eScam World incompetents to remove us but they can't ... they know that we are what keeps this place up and running. Neko, for example, accumulated 10,000 views on her previous blog, a feat that has yet to be accomplished by those who oppose us. 

That being said, stop trying to bring us down ... we are growing stronger by the minute. Pretty soon, we will run this place, understand that lackeys? Stop trying to decimate us and start trying to root FOR US. We are the Bolsheviks, the revolutionists who wish to overthrow the tyrants and scum. Bow down and accept your fate, simpletons. We are here to rule. 

Uploaded 12/04/2011
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