You can't lower gas prices with facebook groups

Alright, so i'm sick and tired of people coming up with these theories of how we can force gas prices down.  Yes we all understand that the gas companies will lose billions of dollars if we don't buy gas for one day.  Yes we also understand that if we stop buying from the biggest companies we can force the prices to lower.  What the originators of these "theories" don't seem to understand is that coordination is not possible over facebook or myspace.  Just because someone joined a group on facebook called "don't buy gas on May 15th" doesn't mean they're not gonna buy gas on may friggen 15th!

Lets be honest, if you have somewhere to go on may 15th, but you joined the super hip and controversial facebook group "Don't buy gas and stick it to the man: May 15th" are you really gonna not buy gas?  When was the last time you were a member of one of those groups and didn't realize a week after the date had passed that you'd actually filled up your SUV not once, but twice on the given day, because you were going on a road trip to dorney park with your super hot g/f who loves you for your sweet car and bulging muscles.  Not only that, you filled up once at mobil, and once at citgo, thereby screwing over both major theories of how to lower prices.  People need to be just slightly realistic about this crap, the last thing that's ever going to work is a facebook group about gas prices.

You know how we can lower gas prices? Electric cars.  Call me a hippie, call me what you will, but there were entire lines of these badboys made, and guess what, they were reposessed after a 2 year trial period (only in CA btw) by the same companies that manufactured them, and crushed or the engines were disabled. 

Look, get realistic everyone, the gas prices are only gonna lower if we can prove to the oil companies we don't need their fuel.  It's the exact same scenario as to why cigarette prices never go down, cause they know you're addicted!  If they charged 10 bucks a pack starting tomorrow, I guarantee you sales wouldn't even flinch for more then a day.  People would bitch while they finished their last 5 dollar pack, hold out on buying more until the first big meal or nap they have, then run to the same gas stations that have been ass raping them on gas prices and pay 10 bucks for their next puff.  STOP BEING SO FRIGGEN NAIVE!  Stop depending on gas, and the gas prices will drop.  Stop being addicted to cigarettes, and the cigarette prices will drop.  When someone makes a facebook group called "We can't lower gas prices, but we can stop using gas" thats the day ill start joining those sad sad excuses at revolutionary liberalism.

Look the point here is this, you're never gonna beat the man at his own game, so you've got to change the rules.  The only way to change the rules of the oil game, is to create a scenario where oil is not a necessity.  Everyone needs gas right now.  Every major industry, every company, every personal business, every lemonade stand run by those annoying shits who live next door to you, at some point in their business plan, requires an oil fueled vehicle to make it happen.  The day that stops, the day we can survive without gasoline propelled delivery systems, the day 50 year olds stop buying dodge vipers because their tits are floppy or their cocks don't work, thats the day we stick it to the man.  Until then, stop inviting me to your facebook groups, you're embarrassing yourself.

Uploaded 05/14/2008
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