You Don't Mess With The Zohan...

...had THE weirdest cameos in it that I have ever seen.

As you could probably guess, I went to see the film tonight and I actually enjoyed it. The fact that there was only one guy in the theater besides myself, my boyfriend, my uncle and my sister made me think at first that we had wasted our money. I was wrong, thankfully.

I don't like movies that have a whole lot of sexual humor, but "Zohan" balanced it out and didn't show boobs and ass everywhere (well.. there was a generous amount of ass but it was mainly Sandler's) like most movies do these days. All the sex was out of sight and merely suggested, and to me an innuendo is often funnier than the real thing.

Anyway, back to the CAMEOS. Holy fuck! Henry Winkler, Kevin Nealon, George Takei, fucking DAVE MATTHEWS as some kind of redneck/assassin... just thinking of what obscure celebrity I would see next was half the fun of watching the movie. There were many more that I haven't named.. such as Mariah Carey.. whose attempt at comedy was unfortunately very forced and unfunny. Better luck next time, MC.

And forgive me for not being one of those trivia geeks, but I wasn't aware that Chris Farley had any siblings. I'M SORRY. However, as soon as I saw the face that I later discovered was John Farley's.. I knew! You can totally tell in one scene, when all the suits are sitting around the table with Mr. Walbridge. If I could remember what he says it would be better.... Walbridge yells at him to shut up or something and the FACE.. the surprised "O" face that John Farley's character makes looks so much like Chris's you would swear he had come back to life and dropped 100 pounds or so.

Oh and hey, while we're on the subject of trivia geekiness.. remember that show "Beat the Geeks"? I was just talking to my boyfriend about it last night and told him I wish it was still on so I could go on as a SpongeBob Geek. He then proceeded to ask me every SB question he could think of, trying to stump me, and only did so twice. As lame as that sounds..... wow. I don't actually think there's any way to make that sound NOT lame. Hmm. Man, I wish I knew as much about American history or Mathematics as I do about SpongeBob. At least, that I could recall. I'm sure somewhere in the back of my mind there's a whole library of knowledge that I've repressed in favor of invaluable pop culture tidbits.

Well, thanks for reading! Sorry I got off-track. G'night, Ebaumsters.

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