You Know Shit About Quality Horror Movies

REC? Seriously, I watched that shit over 5 years ago. You people know shit about scary movies. REC is a low budget zombie movie and the only original part about it is that it takes place in Mexico or some shit.

Another thing is - the idiot who said that most horror movies are remakes of Asian films gets a Moron of the Week award. Childs Play, Dawn of The Dead, Hellraiser, all that low budget shit of the early 90s... Those represent typical American cinema. Damned good movies. Asian horrors? Let's not generalise. Korean and Thai - yes. Japanese - not so.

Japanese have made some of the shittiest horror movies ever. There's a few that are extremely good (Chakushin Ari, for example). But let's face it - Japanese horror movies are longish crap mostly about a ghost of a girl. That one where the chick walks out of the tv was cool. But can you name more? That's right, boring shit like Audition or Paranormal Activity. I'm not talking about psychological thriller movies - Incite Mill and Goth are some of the best movies I ever watched and they are of Japanese production. On a side note: gore is not horror. It's a different genre.

As for Korean or Thai movies - those are usually great. Probably because Koreans are closer to Americans than Japanese when it comes for movie-making. You won't get a movie with a 1.5 hour introduction before anything happens. You get intense shit. Try Faith Hell or Mirrors.

But whoever says American horrors have a lot to learn from Asian ones, is most prolly a weaboo or a dumb faggot who has no idea what they're talking about (quite much the same thing). Americans make remakes nowadays because the American horror movies are a cornerstone of genre. Most themes were already covered in the 80s. Demon possesion, ghosts, living dolls, murderers...

Seriously, guys. I'm not even American and I know more about your movies than you do. You should be proud of your heritage, not praise some wog-ass REC or a movie where you have to wait through two hours of boring shit to watch some chick cut off a guy's foot.

Uploaded 07/08/2011
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