You may think I'm crazy, I don't even care.

I don't want to go on a rant here but I just absolutely hate the direction this country is going in. Imagine driving your car through the cytoplasm of a cell while witnessing mRNA translation through a ribosome - it's like that ... absolutely disgraceful. 

In order to remedy such a crisis, I believe that some type of extermination is necessary in order to preserve resources and revert back to the good ol' days where women didn't have any rights and blacks were forced to sit in the back of the bus. Basically, we need to kill people who are currently on social security/welfare/living in poverty - I mean, instant clean sweep of the inner cities and cities that are in shambles. Get rid of Detroit, Baltimore, New Orleans, Los Angeles ... all of the slums and the wasteful cities that only amass to deteriorating the once solid infrastructure of this country. Aaron Burr would have pulled a Hemingway if he saw the current state of our country ... absolutely disgraceful.

What about Ron Paul? Ron Paul is George Washington resurrected ... right? Wrong. Ron Paul can't even finish a hamburger without having one of his national chewers standing beside him and chewing the remnants of the burger for him. Do you people honestly think Ron "Half a Burger" Paul will pull us from the ground like what Wayne Gretzsky did for the New York Rangers in 1997? Of course not. Ron Paul is an old senile man who wears diapers ... absolutely disgraceful. 

We also need to cut governmental programs - no more welfare, no more AARP, no more IRS, and definitely no more No Child Left Behind Act. I don't want Juan Sanchez, who barely speaks English mind you, becoming my doctor ... I want the WASP child or the Asian child who knows the difference between a paracrine and an autocrine cell. Whites are becoming a minority and if we persist supporting those people (hint hint), they will ultimately abandon us. Do you think DeWayne Jackson will pay for my social security when I'm as old as letemdangle? Of course not. DeWayne hates white people and he is a proud member of the Black Panthers. Do you think Pablo Gonzalez is going to feed my children once I'm dead? Nope ... absolutely disgraceful. 

We need to help white people - Jesus was white, George Costanza is white, and I'm white. We need to help white people and stop promoting racism. I love people of every color but you know the deal. God bless. 

Uploaded 02/21/2012
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