You people disgust me.



 When the fuck did Ebaums turn into PornHub?   Every day I get some new pervert asking me to be on their buddy list.  For example today.   Some retard with 800 ereps tried to add me.  Like with all of my buddy requests, I view the profile of the sender, and see what they're all about.  This guy, was all about his own penis.  There were galleries, and even a home made masturbation/strip tease video.    All of his friends are females, who probably didn't look into this guys profile before accepting the request.


  Mature content, doesn't have to be pornography.  The mature video I have, is a song about vaginas, sung by a vagina that was made into a monkey face.  Humor purpose only.  But I marked it "mature", because I know there are children on this site, and I would hate for one of them to stumble apon the video by mistake.


 So why come here for porno and cybering?  Many free porn websites have chat and allow you to have buddies, and upload your own videos.    I'm pretty positive that there are children visiting this website, for non pornography purposes.   I look like one of those people. I don't look my age, in any way. I look like im 17 tops.  What business do these perverts have trying to contact me for sexual purposes?  They obviously didn't read my profile, to find out my age, because it also states that I am in a very happy relationship, and that I am not looking to change that any time soon.


 Girls, please.  Look into who's been adding you, otherwise you'll end up in some perverts collection of girls that they'll never be able to get with in real life. It will make you out to be a whore... and I know that some of you, who are on these people's lists, aren't whores, but in fact pretty respectable girls.  Also, if these perv's contact you, and make you feel unconfortable, or you are insulted by their uploads that you were asked to watch, please report it to the mods.  It's their jobs to keep this website safe for all, and free of excessive pornography.


I have nothing against pornography,  I watch porn on other websites.  I do however strongly dissagree with online perverts who come here and try and seduce potentially under age people, or  anyone who isn't looking for that type of attention.   There are millions of FREE adult websites where anyone can get their kicks, no matter what floats your boat.  Fucking find one! Ebaums is a website that is frequented by children, and is not the place for pornography.  Sure there is mature content, but artistic nudity, adult comedy, or excessive cursing, is a far cry from amatuer masturbation videos, and inviting girls (who don't always look of age, for example myself) to watch them.


A warning to you perverts.  If you try and add me like this guy did today,  I will be reporting you to a moderator... like I did with this guy today.  I do not want to see your cock, nor do I want to be a part of your collection of female buddies.  There are plenty of adult networking websites where it is more than acceptable to come into contact with people also looking to fufill some sort of online fantasy.  Save yourself the trouble, and go there before you run into problems on this website.... and lose your buddy list collection.










Uploaded 12/16/2009
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