You think your college has the worst art on campus?

I used to think my highschool had bad art. Next I thought the community college had bad art, but at my first college, it was absolutely undescribable.

At the community college where I go now, its not as bad as it could be. One is like a fountain shaped like a 50's style rocket ship, one's like a big ass yellow jack. But if you think thats bad (note: you probably dont think thats bad because i barely described them), you should visit western michigan university. Seriously, that has to be the worst art in the world. Many favorites are "Paper," which is essentially a stack of paper 3 feet high held in place by a giant bar clamp (no joke), "Hanging Concrete," a messy block of concrete being held up by a tripod, The Library, which is actually decorated with bathroom tiles, actually kinda sweet and finally, the coup de grace. They call it "Teamwork." It sits on a pedestal near the center of campus.


It is literally a statue of four 8 feet men having sex with each other. The 2 on the bottom kinda hold up the other two by their hands and feet, and of course, their heads are buried in their...neather regions. No one ever believes me about this statue, so i always have to take friends to see it, and yes, it is very very true. Im gonna try and find a link to it.

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