You Threw it All Away! Explained

There seems to be some confusion as to my point in my previous blog. So I'll try to make it clearer here. First some questions, then concerns followed by conclusions. 

1. Are there governmental and social pressures to remove high capacity automatic assault weapons in America? 
2. Are there governmental and social pressures to remove automatic assault weapons in America? 
3. Are there governmental and social pressures to remove all guns from civilians in America?
4. Has Homeland Security Identified Americans as potential terror threats? 
5. Is the American government and it's agents now using high tech devices, psychological controls and media manipulation to control the masses? 

The obvious answers are yes to every question, it's just the degree to which these things exist which is in flux.  What guns are to be controlled and to what limit is proportionate to there capabilities. The higher up the capacity chain they go, the more pressure will be put upon them. Once, the top level is taken away, the pressure vacuum remains to attack the new top level until a kind of equilibrium is formed. After which the next incident or campaign will again attempt to topple the next tier. 

Homeland Security absolutely identifies Americans as potential terror threats, with returning vets the most feared. With statements like the following from Homeland Security, it's not even a question any more:

"the return of military veterans facing significant challenges reintegrating into their communities could lead to the potential emergence of terrorist groups or lone wolf extremists capable of carrying out violent attacks'

"Returning veterans possess combat skills and experience that are attractive to right-wing extremists,- it says. -DHS/I&A is concerned that right-wing extremists will attempt to recruit and radicalize veterans in order to boost their violent capacities"

Then of course, the inhumane way people are treated at airports with little or no regard to dignity, in the case of people with medical conditions or the total lack of common sense in the way they search small children. Thankfully, the TSA has finally put an end to the naked body scanners, because privacy cannot be guaranteed. It's a small victory for human rights.

I was surprised last month that my kids were unaware of drone attacks and how they are carried out on the behalf of President Obama based on intelligence reports. Perhaps most people are unaware of these incredibly powerful weapons and how they have already been used on American citizens abroad and domestically? The US is now training more pilots for drones then they are for manned craft. The capabilities and concerns for these types of weapon is off the charts and they are quickly becoming the most sought after weapons. From Predator drones with stinger missiles to tiny fly like devices and all the apps man can come up with are now being built for warfare, surveillance and security. To think that the US government and it's agents wouldn't use such devices against it's own citizens is foolish, especially when we already know that they have.

 What people tend not to realize is that there is a kind of intelligencia that guide our civilizations. They have always been there and are necessary to the evolution of mankind on this planet. They are usually more intelligent than most people, they form groups and organizations to monitor and attempt to control current and future situations and they have the heads up on everything from investments, technology and political insight. From within these circles, world policies are developed to address the concerns of these people. For the most part, I do think they act with good intention, but the road to hell is paved with good intentions. 

The problems arise when these organizations develop models, ideas and concepts that while being highly developed and intellectual are completely wrong. With the solutions to those perceived and not yet realized outcomes, having no effect to devastating effects. This of course, puts the burden on the citizens as we have seen with the housing bubble and other financial disasters around the world. Think about it, highly intelligent people are hard at work trying to take as much wealth out of every citizen, even the ones who are not born yet. There is a breaking point to this model and we are quickly arriving there.

When large populations are no longer useful or are deemed dangerous to their self interest under the guise of mother earth or other cause celebre then the intelligencia will act in ways to support that idea and indeed they already have. It could be slow like how the Chinese government is doing it with a one child policy or it could be something more sinister and stealthy from encouraging public uprising like they did in the Middle East to bio-weapons. The intelligencia will without hesitation take whatever action they deem necessary and there is nothing an unengaged populace can do about it. 

When the rulers decide to take your guns they will, either by appealing to your sensitivities, causing havoc, misleading you, identifying you as a terrorist or sending in a predator drone, you will do as they deem fit. 

Can this be stopped? Yes, and it occurs when a group of intelligencia come at odds with another  group causing a war. Then the fighting factions require human resources to fight for them, giving at least for a while, a  value to the human life. Until a new intelligencia is formed and the cycle continues. If we as citizens are engaged with forming the intellegencia after one of these conflicts we have power. If we disengage ourselves, as it seems to be the case in recent history, then we get what we deserve. This occurs at lower forms of conflict as well, from elections to how a workplace operates. Stand up for what is right and you have power, whimper away and you become useless.

The advancement of drones, nano technology and other weapons system is a huge threat to mankind, because they remove the usefulness of the average "Bread gobbler" as the elite like to call us. Androids will build androids that will fight and work for their masters. Mankind will evolve and it will be the survival of the most informed, engaged and intelligent groups or populaces. There will be no need for lower classes of people to dig ditches, mop floors, be used as fodder on the battle field. Not even their votes will have any usefulness, considering voter turn out and blatant corruption during electoral processes.

If you can't see it or understand what is coming then you will lose not because you gave away your guns, but you gave away your right and duty to engage yourself with intelligence into the very underpinnings of your society and culture. And I'm not referring to taking one side or the other like a cheerleader, but to take part in a meaningful and honest way no matter what side you are on. What good does it do to have opposing forces or ideas if they are corrupted with self interest and disregard for those who would make the better argument, because it would upset the status qou? 

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