You want politics? Fine.

You got it.  Because I am:

Pro-choice (Do you think someone should have the right to make you cut off your balls?  No?  Then keep your hands off of MY fucking reproductive system)

Pro-death penalty (Some people just don't deserve to live)

Pro-2nd amendment rights (I like my guns, and I will be keeping them, thankyouverymuch)

Pro-GLBT rights (NO ONE has the right to tell you who to love- I don't give a fuck if you think it's "morally wrong".  You don't like it?  Then don't be gay.)

Pro-stem cell research (Stop keeping medicine from advancing.  It's dead.  Deal with it.)

Anti-war on drugs (I don't like drugs, but fuck it, we're already over populating this country)

Pro-military, anti-war (Our military can do great things, but not for someone else's civil war- let them sort it out themselves)

Pro-public education (The system is fucked up, and we need to fix it)

Anti-no child left behind (I'm sorry, but school is not for everyone, and our country's graduation rates of 80% and less show that.)

Pro-energy conservation (Oil won't last forever, so we'd better find different sources)

Pro-hunting (But if you kill it, you better be using it for food)

Anti-illegal immigration (They want to come here?  Fine.  Do it legally- get your green card and apply for citizenship)

Pro-separation of church and state (You force my kid to pray to a God they don't believe in while in a government funded place?  Prepare to get a crucifix shoved up your ass)

Pro-socialized medicine (Too many people are getting fucked over because of greedy fucking insurance companies.  I just know how much people like paying $10,000 because a family member was on life support for just a couple of hours)

Anit-outsourcing (Not only does it fuck our economy, but I'm sick of not being able to understand the person on the other end of the phone when I need help because they're actually Indian and live in New Dehli)

Pro-farming (Fiercely pro, actually.  Those hard working people can't even get by because our country has decided to buy elsewhere for cheaper, even if it's plagued with salmonella and e coli)

Pro-taxing the rich ('Cause Bill Gates really needs billions of dollars, while the middle class needs to get ass raped)

Pro-veterans (The government fucked them up, the government needs to take care of them, no matter what the costs.  Hey, that's where the tax money from the rich fuckers can go!)


Okay, it's early, and that's all I can think of at the moment.  There will probably be additions later on.



Uploaded 09/18/2008
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