Your chance to dish it out

This blog is a repost, done so that everyone has the opportunity to participate.

You have heard the cliche that it's best not to engage in a battle of wits unless you're well armed? Well now is the time to put up or shut up.

A couple of days ago I proposed an idea: The Roast Blog.

A lot of people seemed to get off on it, so I'm going to take responsability here. I'll handle the work as it was my suggestion, but I advise you read the following carefully, as the moderator has already warned that she won't tollerate any crap on this one:

1) A Roast is a honerable comedic tradition meant to show someone respect by making a joke out of their qualities. This could be an observable quality (such as their choice of avatar), or a typical behavior they have (like their writing style), or a feature of their personality (like if they are conservative, a vegan, etc.)

2) A Roast is NOT a random or off the cuff insult. Statements like 'U R gay' or 'you write lame shit' isn't creative, it isn't respectful, and has no place in a roast.

3) The funnier the better. Saying 'Dominus talks too much' just tells other people you can't write a good joke. Saying 'Dominus writes such long blogs that he should sell popcorn before you click on the link.' ...well, it's a lousy joke but you get the idea.

4) Traditionally, after the roast is over, the person that was roasted gets their turn to fire back pot-shots at all of those who tried to give them a hard time. Once again, this is meant to be done respecfully and in good humor.

5) Being able to take a joke at your expense, as well as dish it out, is all just part of the fun. If you can't do that then don't participate.

Now, that being said it's time to choose WHO GETS ROASTED!

Anyone who wants to offer a list of suggested names should PM me (Dominus) with anyone who you think would be a good candidate. Personalities that are suggested 3 times or more (from different people) will be put on the list. Multiple PM's from the same person will be ignored to avoid stuffing the ballot box.

I will then ask creepingjennie when a good time to do a roast would be. She will set the schedule so that she has greater control. I will just do the leg-work for her here. Then, on that day, I will chose a name AT RANDOM from the completed list. After that, it's open season. You will be able to add your 'roast blog comments' to your heart's content. I strongly advise following the rules lest you be trod upon by the moderator.

I will re-post this blog one more time so that other people who might not be on now will have a fair chance of participating. Thank you for reading this.

Uploaded 01/25/2009
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