your dog is not a fashion accesory

after seeing my fourth puggle this week, I've had enough of seeing the way people treat having a dog. The teacup chihuahuas were frightening enough, but now many city dwellers are buying the newest breed experiment just because it's trendy. Maybe these people just want pugs without the breathing problems, but im skeptical. After seeing so many people dye thier dog's fur diferent colors (often pink) I think I have to call foul on this one. I hate to rain on anyones creativity parade, but your dog is not a canvas and a sentient being is the wrong place to show your creativity. dog grooming is not an art form. Maybe it doesn't harm the dog to have it's fur diferent colors, in fact i'd stake my life ont he claim that the dog really doesn't care except for the smell of the dye and posibily the tatse, but doing this shows disrespect for what is a serious comitment. People wouldn't dye thier infant's hair weird colors to show thier creativity would they? (I shouldn't out it past them, ive seen it done) so why do that to a dog? I'm the first to say it's great that anyone wants to welcome a dog into thier lives, or any pet really. there is certainly a population problem and plenty of dogs need homes, but understand that it's a serious comitment and it is not to be taken lightly. The funnist example I've seen is this woman who came into petsmart with her pom for the training class and she would not let him walk. She kept saying he wouldn't walk and he would only accept her carying him. I told her put the dog on the floor and i put the leash on him. he slid along the floor for a couple feet before he figured out it wasn't working and he stood up and walked. Even though this was funny, it was actually very sad. If you do nothing else for your dog, besides give them food and water, for the love of fuck walk them. It's the best thing you can do to make them happy and healthy.

Uploaded 07/02/2008
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