You're a Stubborn Lot

Well, I tried sharing my thoughts on abortion, human rights and wrongs, the false Green movement and other contentious issues.

I know my opinions areĀ  non populist, and rather pretty lonely. However I feel proud that I could express myself on these subjects with honesty and integrity regardless of ridicule and lack of support for my views.

When I first joined this medium, I knew my ideas would be ridiculed and ignored and I completely understand why. I cannot go into another mans house and point out what is insufficient without my own damnation. It takes a lot of courage to do this and a strong sense of what is wrong and right. But I do it, not because of a false sense of superiority, ( I know I come across like that), but because I genuinely do care.

It is obvious to me that things are just going badly in the world and established ideologies and norms are failing on all fronts. I simply want to point out what those failed concepts are within our culture.

Ebaums is a good sampling of the people that are out there in the world. From what I can glean, most people are good and have a deep interest in what is right and wrong regardless of what facades they put up. We are all trying to get the jump on one another in an attempt to feed our egos. Nothing wrong with that, it's probably a benefit consideringĀ  if we were all drunk at Miles house a few fist fights might break out.

We should all recognize how fortunate we are to have this medium to exchange ideas, bullshit to the extreme, pretend we are intellects or sexual super beings, vent our frustrations, swear like drunken sailors, spew our racist hatred, or any other possible configuration, but most of all speak our minds unafraid of social or judicial condemnation.

We are fortunate to the N'th degree, lets hope we can never loose it or spoil it.

Uploaded 08/02/2010
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