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This is from the Ginger kid's new video


What is it? Southwestern making another video of government that people I. seriously, you're going to stop shooting right but you know. Stop stop. LOU. YEAH!!!. Another day, all right!! All right, but you pay more today.... but that you to stop they keep on of retired people. Your original reason that we started to be made fun of. The did you tell them not to? It will stop. stop. Artists with your job, no way. Yeltsin York. When the know what you'll never learn. never, you are the reasons our world have so much pain. What about you?!?!? israel more and more racism. All right yeah! but they don't think they've read that other day. All of this stuff characters throughout a few dollars a few dollars. A few dollars in the attic, money money money money. That's all he wants we know what? Money's not an idiot by in a way that I love you have a sell part. Well you got the I hope you're happy. All you do is maintain for people. Well you know what? What on a try to get this job are going to try to stop to stop well i'll fly away. Move on, she's very proud of it.

Uploaded 04/16/2010
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