Youtube, Facebook and other WankArenas!

Youtube CUNTS! Getting really pissed off with the quantity of youtube gobshites posting response videos to videos, or remaking the same video just so they can cash in on the efame. Seriously pissing me off, these vain, self glorfied pieces of shit. You got the people who post hundreds of pictures of themselves on Facebook, some people so dumb they dont know how to rotate the image, You got twats who respond to every film they see with 5/5 or best movie ever, making film searching impossible, You got assholes duplicating what was original and funny and turning it into something sad and annoying. You also got these 'mature police officers' telling you to die or that they are going to murder you, for taking the piss out of something. And worst of all they dont really even care they just say what in reality would be socially acceptable to say, even though the internet means you can be the real you without being harassed or shunned.  Seriously the internet used to be a place for me to escape the outside world and enjoy a insane cocktail of bizzare and weird jokes, or to watch something random. The people i enjoyed leaving behind were the very people who do what 'trolls' do IRL, bully the weak. But now its filled with exactly the people im trying to escape. And all the things that made the net fun are being liquidated for the masses! Someone needs to wipe out all these internet fairies before they ruin the fun on internet roaming. Someone please invent a cure for this virus and save me from this madness.

Cause and i dont know if you people feel the same way but it feels like the real world is slowly getting sucked into this world, new laws and muppets stepping forward to govern this freedom or judge people by their behaviour is really starting to fuck me off. I got arrested awhile ago for trolling some detectives daughter on my mates forums, she lives in England, i'm in Ireland, does anyone know how hard it would be to get the police in another country to arrest someone of forums abuse? People like this are constantly flooding the internet with the help of asshole arenas such as twitter, facebook and youtube. I really hope something changes before us pioneers are forced once again to listen to the daily bullshit of the boring average joe soap.


Yes im ranting... but i need to say this somewhere!

Uploaded 09/12/2010
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