You've All Been Banned Unjustly For Hacking

We've received many emails over the past 14 hours from concerned users over getting notices that they have been banned for the reason of hacking. We apologize for the wide-sweeping nature of a glitch that was caused by an unforeseeable force at an untimely moment.


As many of you know the World's quest for answers has led them down many curious roads. Dark unpaved paths, all too bright avenues, monstrous boulevards that terrify us unless we look at it not as a whole, but in parts. And this is where our journey finds us.


After 16 years and $10 billion dollars, the Large Hadron Collider in the Swiss-French countryside finally started correctly colliding subatmoic particles, this morning. Where does that leave us, you are undoubtedly wondering? Where, indeed.


It may or may not shock you to find out that we are actually part of this project to determine how the Universe started and the potential atomic weight and signifigance of all things seen or previous invisible to us. When you are commenting on the boards you may notice that someone may appear to be "a scientist" when referring to how an impossible looking basketball shot may not be so impossible. This has led some of you to ask the necessary question of, "What are you, a fucking scientist?" To this, I answer yes. Some of us are.


When charging up muh lazer, there are necessary, if not unfortunate, side effects. In this case it was the Electro-Magnetic Pulses that are generated and thrown off like a Salt-n-Pepper Gentleman's clothes thinking he was confused for Ryan Seacrest at Spring Break in Cabo.


The damage was minimal and temporary, but we do apologize for the inconvenvience and confusion. Even us Lab Coats can forget to cycle down the smallest of particle accelerators.

Uploaded 03/30/2010
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