10 hail marys and a 100 bucks

there was a priest on his routine inside the confessional when a woman comes to him and says "forgiveme father for I have sinned, i commited adultery, I had sex with a guy named Miguel" the father forgives her and tells her to pray ten hail marys and to deposit 100 on the donation box, so the woman does it.
next day same thing a different woman comes and tells the father she had premarital sex with miguel and she feels guilty.
so he tells her the same thing about ten hail marys and the 100 buck on the donation box.
on the next day it gets even weirder, ten women came that day claiming they had sex with a guy named miguel "10 hail marys, 100 bill again"
and keeps going on like that for the whole week and the next.
At the end of the month a man shows up at the church and tells the priest with a lively voice.
"sup' padre? I´m miguel. and i want half the money or i'll take my dick somewhere else"
Uploaded 06/14/2008
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