A trip to Mexico

An All-American guy decides to take a trip to Mexico. He doesn't know how to speak Spanish, however, so he is at a slight loss. Yet he leaves on his trip.

He walks up to a hot dog stand and asks to buy a hot dog. The "owner" of the "restaurant" informed him "Oh amigo, here in Meheco we don't cal them a hot dog, we call dema weiner!" The man then politely asks to buy a "weiner."

Believing he could use some form of transportation, the man walks to a cattle farm in hopes of purchasing a donkey. The animal seller tells him " Here in Meheco, my friend, we call dema asses!" So once again, the man politely asked to buy an ass. The animal seller told him "If your assa fal asleep, you gotta make sure tat you scratch it on da back of ta head to waka him up."

So off he went with his weiner and ass. Sadly, though, he could not stop the enevitable. His ass had fallen asleep. The man knew what to do, but he first must place his weiner somewhere more convinient.

A fellow American walked by him. Our man with the slumbering ass said to him

"Would you hold my weiner while I scratch my ass?"
Uploaded 12/21/2010
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