cannibal island

Three guys were shipwrecked on an island a Frenchman, a Japanese, and a New-yorker. They found themselves surrounded by large group of cannibals. The chief of the cannibals told them that he had good news and bad news. The bad news was that they were going to kill them eat them and use their skin to cover their canoes so they float well. The good news was that he would let them chose how they were going to die. He looks at the Frenchman and says how do you want to die, the Frenchman says dueling pistols so they give him a pistol he puts it to his head and says "viva le france" and pulls the trigger, they skin him ,eat him and use his skin to cover their canoe. Then they ask Japanese guy the same question, he says Samurai sword, he puts the sword to his chest and says "sianara" and plunges the sword through his heart , the natives skin him eat him and use his skin to cover their canoe. Then they ask the New yorker how he wants to die. He says give me a fork , the cannibals watch amazed as the New yorker proceeds to stab himself with the fork all over his entire body . The chief looks at him and says you could have chosen any way to die why did you use a fork? The New yorker responds in that way all proud cocky New yorkers always do 'Fuck your lousy canoes'
Uploaded 02/24/2010
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