Dirty Nuns

There once was a group of nuns who died in an unfortunate fire.
They all ascended into heaven and approached the pearly gates.
But just before they entered St. Peter stopped them.

"Before you enter the gates of heaven you must each tell me if you have seen or touched a man's penis"

The nuns formed a line and the first nun says to St. Peter
"I'm sorry, but I have touched a penis with my finger"

St. Peter then says "You are forgiven, just dip your finger in this bowl of holy water"

The nun dips her finger in the water and enters heaven. The second nun then tells St. Peter that she has touched a penis with her hand. St. Peter then tells her to dip her hand into the bowl of holy water. She does this and enters heaven.

Then out of nowhere a nun in the line darts in front of another nun. St. Peter asks her "What is the matter sister?"

The nun replies "There's no way in hell that I'm sticking my mouth in there after her ass has been in it!"
Uploaded 06/22/2009
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