Everybody knows Stan!

There is a guy named Stan, and he claims that he knows everyone in the world. His boss, however, gets skeptical and he puts up money that he doesn't know everyone on the Earth. The boss asks Stan if he knows Tom Cruise. Stan replied by telling the boss that ,yes, he does know Tom Cruise.

So, Stan and his boss fly to Hollywood and find Tom in his mansion. Stan rings the doorbell, and out comes Tom Cruise!

"Hey Stan, what is goin' on? I was about to go and do some stuff, but we can stop and talk."

The boss is shaken by this, but he still doesn't believe Stan knows everybody in the world, so he suggests that Stan say hi to the president. So, they fly to D.C and encounter who else? The president!

"Hey Stan, what is up? I was about to go to the board meeting, but I can chat. Want some coffee?"

The boss is really thrown about this, especially when Stan asks, "Anyone else?" The boss tries to gather his wit, and manages to stutter out, "Th-th-
Uploaded 05/29/2008
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