getting screwed

A guy is walking down a pier and gets to the end. He is standing there watching a sunset when he hears someone crying. He looks over and sees this lady in a wheelchair. He walks up and asks her whats wrong, she looks up and him and says

"i have been in this wheelchair for such a long time and no one will look at me or talk to me and i am just sad"

The guy ask her what he can do for her and she says
"can you just give me a hug?"

The guy leans down and hugs her and after he does that she starts to cry again so again he asks whats wrong and she says

"that hug felt so good now i want to feel what it is like to be kissed again, it has been so long since my last kiss"

so the guy leans down and kisses her. she looks up and thanks him, then she starts to cry again, and again the guy asks whats wrong. She says

"well that kiss felt so nice it made me think of the last time i had sex, its been so long and i miss it so much, and i just want to get screwed one more time"

so the guy looks at her then he picks her up and tosses her off the pier and says

"you are screwed now"
Uploaded 12/17/2008
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