Golfing Women

note: In golf a "gimme" is a shot that a golfer is given without actually taking because the people he's golfing with assume that it's going in, like a when the ball is right on the edge of the cup.

Three men are out golfing, a grandfather, his son, and his son's son. Due to volume restrictions at their club, they're paired up with a fourth golfer, who happens to be a beautiful woman. She's very apologetic and promises that she's a formidable golfer and won't hold them up, and she makes them promise to not try and help her so she can carry her own weight. So they play through there holes and she holds her own well. They get to the last hole and she get excited and says " I've never shot this well, and if I make this shot it'll be the first time I've shot under 70 on this course. If one of you can help call this green I'll take you home and show you the best night of your life." The grandson steps right up and says "You should put to the left and it'll
Uploaded 06/30/2008
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