Headless boy

One day there was a boy born with just a head. no body or arms or anything. The doctors told his parents that he would not live to see even a week of his life. The parents were heart broken.
But after a week, the boy was still amazingly fine. and so they took him home where he lived his life. On his 21st birthday his dad told him he would take him out to go get some drinks.
His dad lifted him up and they went out to the local bar for a couple of beers. His son had a beer set down in front of him and his dad was talking about how miraculous it was to have him still alive. Just then, right as the son took a sip, a body popped out. He took another sip, and out popped his arms, then his legs. Him and his dad were thrilled and quickly rushed back to break the good news to the mom. The son darted out in to the road and got hit by a truck where he instantly died. The father was crushed and hurried back into the bar. He told the bartender "Sir! Sir! my son just got run over and died!" All the bartender said was... "Shoulda quit while he was A-HEAD"
Uploaded 01/09/2009
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