Mickey's Night Before Christmas

Twas' the night before Christmas and all through the house, Mickey was masturbating, that gay fucking mouse.

It's not his falut, O what could he do? When he was butt raped in jail listen it's true.

They got him against the wall had their way, and left him for dead. Now at night there's only images of "Big Bubba" in his head.

Then came three knocks at the door, first one, then two, three, no four. And to Mickey's surprise it was the Christmas whore!

In with her bag of toys, in such a haste, with white stuff on her mouth, musta been paste?

"Drop your pants little ole' mouse. Tis the night before christmas, im gonna rock your house!"

When all was done she went off with a scamper, right up the chimney, she didnt even close the damper.

Mickey was happy and full of cheer, till his STD test came back it was quite clear.

"You have Herpies and Sifils, Crabs and Aids, Ganaria and clamitia of the highest degree."

And attach was a note from the doctor it said,

"Looks like you shouldn't have fucked a whore under your tree!"
Uploaded 12/22/2008
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