Military balls

A Marine Corps Commandant, Navy Admiral, and General of the Armies are standing around drinking and talking about the different branches when the General starts bragging up his men how they have the most balls when he says "The Army has the strongest and finest men in the world."
Now the Navy Admiral says "That's a load of shit, everybody knows my men are the best, they could kick anybody's ass. Especially the SEALs."
The Marine Commandant is getting steamed and fights back with "Our men go through the most rigorous training, hand to hand combat and we're ready to cut any mother fucker's throat that even thinks of killing any of us."
So they come to an agreement and each call their finest man for a fitness test. So as each recruit lines up at attention when the Army General starts of and points to a seventy-five foot flag pole. "Son! I want you to climb that pole in five seconds!"
The soldier scurries right up the pole no problem.
The Admiral says to his man "Son! Climb up that flag pole in five seconds flat with your legs tied behind your back!" Sure as shit, the recruit goes right up the pole with out breaking a sweat.
The shitfaced Commandant says to his man "Hey you! Climb that pole in five seconds flat with your hands AND legs tied behind your back! NOW!" Just then the soldier says to him "With all due respect sir, go fuck yourself" Now the shitfaced Commandant turns to the other two and tells them "now THAT takes some balls!"
Uploaded 03/24/2010
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