monkey butt

One day far in the jungle, a lion woke up really sick. So he held a big meeting asking all the animals in the jungle to come.

He told all the animals to bring him food to get better. but he said only liquid and soft foods, like soup and what not. and if you don't,. I am going to shove what ever you bring up your ASS!!!

While all this was going on, there was a monkey, a elephant, and a giraffe in the back of the crowd going on about the party that happened the night before, they were talking so much that they missed the whole meeting.

Then the monkey asked the hyena what the meeting was about. He said,( just to bring him some food tomorrow cause he's feeling sick).

The following morning all the anamls arived at the lions denn.
He asked them all to line up. One at a time. every one brought all sorts of stews and soups.

Then the giraff went up, he handed the king some of his leaves and twigs. the lion said (WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHITTT!!!) ( Guards BenD THIS MOTHER FUCKER OVER!!!) Then they started shoving the twigs and leaves up the gariaffs ass. NOOO!!! screamed the gariaff and they stuffed him.

Then the elephant went up, he brought the king 5 of his nuts, GUARDS!!!! shove those nuts up HIS ANUS!!! then the guard got the first nut, boom up his ass, hehehe, then the second one , BAMM!!! hehehaha, Then the Third one, BAM!!!!!
HAHAhaHAHAha!!!! Laughed the elephant,

The lion stood and shouted angrily. WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING!!!!
dying from laughter the elephant said,,
,Cause the monkey brought you some Coconuts!!!! HAHAAHA!!!!!
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