My dad is better that your dad

My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad

Little Johnny went to school one Monday morning in mid-February. It was the day he'd been dreading all year. It was "tell us about your father day" at show and tell.

The first little girl got up and said "My daddy is a fire fighter. He puts out fires and saves little kittens from trees."

Another boy stood up. "My father is a doctor. He makes people feel better when they've become sick or broken a bone."

Another little girl stood up. "My father is a construction worker. He's built many buildings, including our school."

Finally, it was Little Johnny's turn. He walked up in front of the class and looked around nervously. What seemed like hours passed, and he finally blurted out "My daddy works as a dancer in a gay Cabaret. He dances naked until 2:00 a.m. then he takes men behind the curtain to earn extra money."

Shocked, his teacher pulled him aside. "Johnny," she asked, "is everything you said true?"

Blushing, Johnny said "No. I made it up. I'm embarrassed about my father's profession."

The teacher said "How much worse could it be? What does your daddy do?"

Beginning to cry, Johnny said "He plays for the Arizona Cardinals!"

The teacher now understood.
Uploaded 01/26/2009
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