NOT A JOKE A rant rather about climate change. Libtards!

Yes, that's right, putting science in her rightful place. You know that friend, you know, that we all don't have that says they are going to stop doing crack and robbing banks and beating up elderly movie goers and you know how every couple of months they say, "I turned my life around" and then two weeks later they lead the news because they were doing crack while robbing a bank and beating up the elderly? You think to yourself, "I'm never going to believe this elderly beating idiot crack-smoking crazy person ever again." Well, that's kind of like global warming for the last 11 years. We're told over and over again that this is, you know, there's going to be global warming again tomorrow, you know, that this was just a bump in the road, we'll be back on the path to warming very, very soon. Or my favorite, that the cooling is just a sign of the warming which I believe is the equivalent of the crack induced bank robbery and elderly bashing is just a sign of how well my recovery is going. I'm just sayin'. That's the scene and it said now for the latest crack binging article from the hard core right-wing network called The Discovery Channel. According to a new study in the geophysical research letters, global warming may have hit a speed bump and could go into hiding for decades. Earth's climate continues to confound scientists. Hang on just a second. Oh, it's The Discovery Channel again? Are you sure? Following a 30-year trend of global warming, global temperatures have flat lined since 2001 despite rising greenhouse gas concentrations and a heat surplus that should have cranked up the planetary thermostat. A heat surplus, where are they storing all of this heat? I'm sorry. Earth's climate continues to confound scientists. That's weird. I thought the debate was over. How could they be con founded? Maybe there can't be a debate if everybody is con founded. Maybe that's why Al Gore goes, "I don't know, the debate is settled. I have no clue as to what I'm talking about." Quoting The Discovery Ch annel article, "This is not like anything we've seen since 1950." This is Kyle Swanson University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee: This is nothing like anything we've ever seen since 1950. Cooling events since then had firm causes like eruptions or large magnitude La Ninas. This current cooling doesn't have a cause. Since 2001 the overall trend is flat even though temperatures should have gone up by .2 degrees centigrade during that time. By the way the mysterious .2 degrees is 27% of all of the warming of the last 100 years is just missing somehow or another. The discrepancy gets to the heart of one of the toughest problems in climate science and that is identifying the difference between natural variability from human-induced change. Where are they getting this from? I mean, since when did scientists have trouble telling the difference between the two? I mean, isn't this the consensus that we were hearing about all these years? "Don't worry, don't worry." Scientists warn that this is just a hiccup, that humans just love to spew greenhouse gases and it will certainly come back to haunt us. Did you hear that? Certainly, certainly it's going to come back to haunt us. Quite a difference from one of the toughest problems in climate science, you know, just from a couple of paragraphs earlier. When the climate kicks back out of this state -- oh, we're going to have explosive warming, although the cooling trend could continue for 30 years, end quote. 30 years? The cooling trend? Like six months ago it was a cooling trend of the next five years. Then it was 15 years. Now it's 30 years. And now they don't have any explanation as to why the cooling trend is happening. I get it, I get it. No, I hear you. It's basically, sure, okay, I've been high smoking crack robbing banks, abusing the elderly for the past 10 years and I'm going to do it again, you know, for the next 30 years. But after that I'm going straight to rehab. And I don't know about you but I'm saying to myself, "I don't think I'm going to belie ve these elderly beaten crack-smoking idiots ever again."
Uploaded 03/06/2009
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