Pass the Salt

Matt boards a plane and gets his seat assignment from the flight attendant. As he gets to his row he see a man sitting in the window seat and notices that he has a black eye. Matt thinks this is a funny coincidence because he has a black eye himself.

Matt sits down, introduces himself to the man and says "What are the chances that two guys with the same black eye would be sitting together on the same flight, in the same row? What's your story?" The man said, "Well, I was at the ticket counter, buying my ticket, and the lady behind the counter had huge jugs. So I had a slip of the tounge and instead of asking if I could have a ticket to Pittsburg I said can I have a picket to titsburg. So, she punches me in the face and I get a black eye."

Matt then says "That's amazing! The same thing happened to me last night over dinner with my wife. I ment to say 'honey can you please pass the salt', but it came out as "BITCH YOU RUINED MY LIFE!!!"
Uploaded 09/13/2010
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