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Bush at an Elementary School

So Bush decides to take a stop at an elementary school and randomly walks in on a classroom. The teacher goes "Oh its such an honor" "Mr. Bush would you mind. I was teaching the children word meanings. Could you help them with the word tragedy." So Bush agrees and asks the class the meaning of tragedy. Sarah raises her hand and says "If a tractor rolls over me and my friend by mistake, that would be a tragedy." Bush says "No, that would be an accident." So Jim raises his hand and says "If I drown because I slipped off of a dock, that would be a tragedy" Bush replies "No, that would be a great loss" So quiet little Johnny raises his hand from the corner "If an AirForce 2 Plane carrying you onboard is shot down, that would be a tragedy." Bush replied "RIGHT! Now can you tell me why it is a tragedy." Johnny replied "Because it wouldn't be an accident or a fucking great loss either."
midnite492 Uploaded 11/04/2008
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