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Outta Broccoli

An old woman walks into a grocery store and grabs the squeakiest cart to do her shopping.
Clerk: "Can I help you ma'am?"
Old Woman: "I am looking for broccoli"
Clerk: "I am sorry, we are out of broccoli"
*5 Minutes pass, her cart is empty*
Clerk: "Ma'am can I help you find something?"
Old Woman: "Yes, I am looking for some broccoli"
Clerk: "Ma'am I told you once before, we do not have any broccoli"
Old Woman: "Okay okay"
*20 minutes pass, her cart is still empty"
Clerk: "Is there anything I can help you with?"
Old Woman: "Do you have any broccoli?"
Clerk: "Ma'am, spell the 'toe' in 'tomato'"
Old Woman: "T-O-A"
Clerk: "okay, now spell the "let" in "lettuce"
Old Woman: " L-E-T-T"
Clerk: " Very good, now spell the "FUCK" in "Broccoli"
Old Woman: "There is no "fukk"in broccoli"
Clerk: "Thats what I have been telling you!!!!"
austinromero07 Uploaded 11/17/2008
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