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foreign language

A man is in a different country when he decides to buy a few things while he's there. He finds a vendor and says "I'd like to buy a male chicken." The vendor says "ok, but we call them cocks here." The man hands the vendor the money and continues shopping. He stops at the next vendor and says "I'd like to buy a female chicken." "Ok says the vendor but we call them pullits." The man hands him the money and continues on for his last purchase. He goes to the last vendor and says "I'd like to buy a donkey." The vendor says "ok, but here we call it an ass. And if he lays down while walking just scratch his back and he'll get back up." So the man walks off with the animals when the donkey lays down. The man stops a passer by and says" Excuse me miss but would you hold my cock and pullit while I scratch my ass."
tres77 Uploaded 02/09/2008
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