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Freudian Slip

Two men are sitting next to each other on a train, both with black eyes. Naturally curious, the first man looks at the other and says,

"So, how'd you get the black eye?"

The other guy responds, "Well, it was a freudian slip."

"What's that?" the first asks

"It's when you mean to say one thing but say another that exposes what you thought." answers the second

Then the first guys waits a second and asks, "Oh. So what happened?"

"Well, i was buying my ticket for the train, and the woman at the desk had the biggest boobs i'd ever seen. So, when i meant to say 'two tickets to pittsburgh', i accidentally said 'two pickets to tittsburgh', hence the black eye."

And so the first guy responds. "You know, that's weird, something very similar happened to me. This morning, I was eating breakfast with my wife, and i meant to say 'could you pass the jam', but i accidentally said, you ruined my life you stupid whore.&
yafaja Uploaded 03/02/2008
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