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death by kabanga

two men were stranded on a island.
one day while walking deep into the jungle of the island the men stumble into a tribe of warriors, which then they were quickly captured and tied up.

"you have walked into our sacred land" says the chief of the tribe.

"for such an act there is only 2 ways you can answer..." chief says.

"DEATH........or KABANGA"

the first guy looks at the other and says "kabanga??what is that?"
the other guys says "i dont know but i dont wanna die.....i choose kabanga"

so as quickly as the guy says kabanga the warriors grab the man and start to rape torture and tear the guy a new one...

hours and hours go by and the man's life is hanging on by a thread.

the second guy see the first guys pain and say

"no waaaay....
i aint going through all that i choose death"

so the chief looks at his warriors and yells DEEEEEAAATH.......BY KABANGAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!
joshleftit Uploaded 03/06/2008
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