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Random Phobias Part 2

Animals- Zoophobia
Bacteria- Bacteriophobia
Bees- Apiphobia
Birds- Ornithophobia
Cats- Ailurophobia
Chickens- Alektorophobia
Crabs- Kabourophobia
Dogs- Cynophobia
Feathers- Pteronophobia
Fish- Ichthyophobia
Flowers- Anthophobia
Fur- Doraphobia
Horses- Hippophobia
Insects- Entomophobia
Leaves- Phyllophobia
Lice- Pediculophobia
Mice- Musophobia
Microbes- Bacilliphobia
Parasites- Parasitophobia
Reptiles- Batrachophobia
Snakes- Ophidophobia
Spiders- Arachnophobia
Trees- Dendrophobia
Wasps- Spheksophobia
Worms- Helminthophobia
Disturbed01 Uploaded 03/09/2008
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