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Random Phobias Part 5

Children- Paediphobia
Human Beings- Anthrophobia
Men- Androphobia
Robbers- Harpaxophobia
Women- Gynophobia
Young Girls- Parthenophobia
Clowns- Joeyphobia
Lawyers- Attorneyphobia
Homosexuals - Homophobia
Churches- Ecclesiaphobia
Demons- Demonnophobia
God- Theophobia
Heaven- Ouranophobia
Hell- Hadephobia
Sacred Things- Hierophobia
Satan- Satanophobia
Sinning- Peccatophobia
Alcohol- Potophobia
Drinking- Dipsophobia
Eating- Phagophobia
Food- Sitophobia
Meat- Carnophobia
Disturbed01 Uploaded 03/09/2008
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