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Toothless Hamster

A guy walks into a pet store looking for a new pet. so he asks the clerk "I want a new pet, but one that will actually do something" so the clerk walks into the back of the store and comes back with a small box. The clerk says "here you go man, a toothless hamster" "
"what the hell do i need a toothless hamster for?"
"well un-zip your fly and ill show you"
So the guy unzips his fly and the clerk puts the hamster down his pants, and the hamster gives him the best blow job hes ever had, So naturally he buys it and takes it home. When he gets home he drops the box and the hamster runs towards his wife, his wife gasps and says "What the hell is that!!!" the guy says "TEACH IT TO COOK AND THEN GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!!"
rocknroller420 Uploaded 03/30/2008
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