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Going to heaven

A bus full of cheerleader crashes, and the majority of them die.
While they are waiting at the pearly gates to view over their sins the angel at the gates asks the first cheerleader......

Angel: have you ever touched a penis?
Cheerleader: yes, with my finger
Angel: put it in holy water and pass through the gates

The next girl comes up....

Angel: Have you ever touched a penis?
Cheerleader2: yes, with my whole hand.
Angel: Put that hand in the holy water and pass through the gates...

Before he could get to the 3rd girl, he hears a loud commotion from the back, another cheerleader comes running up and says "LOOK! Before anyone else goes, I need to gurgle that water before Julie sticks her butt in it!"
chensley Uploaded 04/04/2008
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