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explorer lets it slip

A local reporter goes to an old folks home to interview an ageing but legendary explorer. After hearing many incredible tales, he asks the old man to tell him about the most frightening experience he has ever had on his travels. ''once i was hunting tigers in the jungles of India. i was on a narrow path and my native guide was behind me carrying my rifle . just then, the largest tiger i've ever seen leapt out in front of us. i turned around for my weapon only to find that the native had fled. the tiger pounced at me with a mighty 'ROARRR'! i'm sorry to say i soiled myself'' the reporter says ''sir, don't be embarrased. under those circumstances anyone would have done the same''. ''no, not then'' the old man replies. ''just now when i went 'ROARRR' ''.
jmc1 Uploaded 04/06/2008
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