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A fish see a fly on the surface of the water and thinks to himself "If that fly comes down 6 inches, I can eat it!"

A bear is watching the fish and thinks "If that fish goes for the fly I can eat that fish!"

A hunter is watching the bear and thinks "If that bear goes for the fish I can shoot it!"

A mouse is watching the hunter and thinks "While the hunter is aiming for the bear, I can go for his lunch!"

a cat is watching the mouse and thinks "If that mouse goes for the hunter's lunch, I can eat him!"

So the fly goes down 6 inches, the fish eats the fly, the bear eats the fish, the hunter shoots the bear, the mouse goes for the hunter's lunch but when the cat goes for the mouse, he misses and goes into he lake

the moral of the story is: when a fly goes down 6 inches, a pussy gets wet!
Starkweather Uploaded 04/21/2008
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