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Adam and Eve

Adam tells Eve that he is tired of having sex and wants to lever her, Eve is devestated and all this talk of sex is making her horny, so she goes on a hunt to "satisfy" herself. First, she sees a baboon. She runs up to the baboon and starts rubbing against it violently. The baboon freaks out and runs off. Eve grabs the baboons ass and rips off all the fur. Now Eve is really horny. She then sees a dinoseaur. She runs up and starts humping its leg. The dino freaks out and runs off a cliff and dies. Now Eve is super horny. In an act of desperation, she grabs a fish out of the stream and starts masturbating with it. She fineshes and throughs it back into the water. Now these events leave us with two answers and one question. Now we know why baboons don't have fur on their asses, how the dinoseaurs died, and the question is: What did fish smell like before?
patinthehat4000 Uploaded 05/11/2008
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