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there were 3 guys...keoni, brandon and robert.
they visited a farm and had seen there was a hot ass girl.
so the 3 guys went to the farmer and asked if one of them could marry his daughter.
the farmer said ya....but under 1 condition.
you have to go out into my farm and find 1 fruit and hold it up your ass fo 20 seconds.
so they all agreed, went out an found a fruit.
keoni went first, he had an banana he only could hold it for 5 seconds.
then brandon went an found a cherry,he held it up his ass for 19 seconds, and bust out laughing...keoni said aww man what happen you almost had it ....then brandon still laughing said ho u see robert he get one watermelon!
hawaiian_chick Uploaded 05/20/2008
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