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Car Theft

John is driving in his car and doesn't want to exceed the speed limit. So here comes this women behind him and she likes to go faster, so she gets really close to him and honks a few times. A litlle bit later, the stop light turns yellow but John still has time to go, except he slows down and comes to a stop. This makes the women so mad that she starts screaming out bad words at him and honks continuously. Then this police officer drives by and arrests the woman for car theft. The woman asks, "Why did you arrest me, I didn't steal a car!" The police officer says, "Well I assumed you stole that car because you had Christian stickers on it and you were cussing at that man." So the point of this story is that even though we say we are Christians doesn't mean we truely are.
BaptistGal4 Uploaded 06/01/2008
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