3 foot midget part 2

"I have a friend that works at the zoo, tomorrow We'll put a guerilla in the bathroom and when the midget comes in, tell him the baddest motherfucker is in there and the guurilla will fuck him up.

The next day sure as shit the 3 foot midget walks in orders a shot and a beer and asks the bartender who the baddest motherfucker in there is now. The bartender doesn't want the midget to be killed, so he says, " you don't wanna mess with this guy he is badder than anyman you've ever seen. The midget asks where he is, The bartender replies that he's in the bathroom but dont fuck with him.

The midget slams the shot and chugs the beer and runs into the bathroom, The whole bar is silent and all anyone can hear is clawing and biting and yelling and slaming, 15 minutes later the 3 foot midget walks out of the bathroom and tells the bartender.

"When that nigger wakes up tell him his fur coat is in the toilet.
Uploaded 06/05/2008
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