Jewish Blood

A rich Indian man was in need of a blood transfusion.
He looked everywhere for a donor, with no matches. Finally a Jewish man matched the needed blood type.
After the blood transfusion was complete, the rich Indian man sent the Jewish man, a new car, 100,000 dollars cash, gold, watches, and several other gifts along with a card thanking the Jewish man.
Several years pass by, and the Indian man requires another blood transfusion. The Jewish man this time is quick to respond, since last time he was showered with gifts...
Instead this time, only a simple thank-you card was given to the Jewish man by the Indian man. Surprised by this, the Jewish man decides to pay the Indian man a visit. During his visit, he looked around at the huge house, multiple cars, and the lifestyle the Indian man is living. He asked then, "how come last time you showered me with all these gifts, and this time I only get a card?"
To which the Indian replies "Now I have Jewish Blood in me"
Uploaded 06/08/2008
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