inheritance ducks

there were three sons of a rich father.their father was on his death bed.they all went to visit him one day.they asked about thier inheritance.hegaveeachothemaduck.he told them whomever could sell the duck for the most money recieved the inheritance.
so thae oldest son sold his to a poultry factory. it sold for $5
the middle son sold his to a feather factory for $10
[now here's where the story starts]
the youngest kid walks down the street with a duck at hand. he finds a hooker. she tells him that she will fuck him for the duck. he says okay and they proceed with the fucking. he remembers, "Oh Crap I needed that duck!" so the hooker says" if you fuck me again you may have the duck back" so they continue. he walks down the street once more with the duck in his hands. it gets out of his hands and gets hit by a truck. " Oh-Em-Ge!! you hit my inheritance duck!! I needed that!!"so the trucker looks at te duck and back at the man. he says " if you stop
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