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Butthole stretcher.

A man is speeding down a highway. A cop is sitting under the overpass with a radar gun and sees him.
The cop speeds after the guy and pulls him over.
"Whats the rush?" says the cop.
"I'm late for work." says the man.
"Oh really," the cop replies. "What do you do?"
"I'm an anus stretcher." says the man.
"How do you do that?" asks the cop.
"well, I lube up two fingers and slide them up my patients anus," explains the man "Then I put in more fingers, then my hands, then my arms. All the way up to my elbows, and I stretch it to about six feet."
"What do you do with a six foot asshole?" Asks the cop.
"Put a uniform on him, give him a radar gun, and stick him under the overpass." Replies the man.
Ottovan22 Uploaded 06/23/2008
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