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Out of work - for a reason

Pierre's wife comes home with a new shirt for Pierre one day and tells him " Now there is no excuse for not going to job interviews-you bum." That night his wife goes to her night shift job and Pierre sneaks down to the bar to flash the threads and get his drink-on with his friends. A few hours later he's covered in puke. "My wife will kill me if she see's this," He talks to his buddy who gives him $20 and he puts it in the shirt pocket. He wakes up in the morning on the floor beside the bed with the wife yelling " you shit, you puked all over your new shirt last night." Pierre exclaims "It wasn't was my buddy at the bar....he gave me ten bucks to get my shirt cleaned....look in the pocket. She reaches in and pulls out the twenty. "why is it twenty??" she sighs. Fuzzy headed, Pierre finally say's "Oh yeah, he shit in my pants too"
flangerotti Uploaded 01/10/2008
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