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For you religious people:

Back when the earth was created, God also made Adam and Eve. About 10 minutes after their first sexual experience, God descended upon the earth and found Adam sleeping. Very curious, God woke him up and asked how it went...

"Oh God, it was fantastic! You are a true maker. Her tits were supple, her ass was a large round mound to pound and she knew how to work it!"

"That's great Adam," God said. "I am glad this excited you. Now go about the land and multiply. I wish to inquire what Eve's opinion is. Do you know where I may find her?"

"Yeah God, she's down at the riverbank cleansing her vagina. She's worried about getting an urinary tract infection," Adam said.

"What!?!" God shrieked. "At the riverbank?? Damn it all to hell! Do you have any idea how long it will take me to get that stink out of those fish?"
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