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Best of Chuck Norris Facts

Kids make a game of peeing their names into snow. Chuck Norris makes a game of peeing the Declaration of Independence into concrete.

Chuck Norris started the TMNT phenomenon when he ate a live turtle, and crapped out a six foot tall talking turtle that knew Karate.

Nunchucks were once known as Nunbarrys. No one knows what happened to Barry...

Chuck Norris uses a live rattlesnake for a condom.

Chuck Norris played russian roulette with a hand grenade and won.

Chuck Norris did, in fact, build rome in a day.

When eating at a steakhouse, Chuck Norris once ate a 96-ounce steak in 20 minutes. He spent the first 18 minutes screwing the waitress.

Chuck Norris runs Windows Vista on his Macbook, his iPod, and on a pocket-sized etch-a-sketch.

Rockstar Games considered using Chuck Norris as the main character in Grand Theft Auto IV, but found that even the playstation 3 could not render the effects of his roundhouse kick without jamming.

It is illegal for Chuck Norris to
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